Farm Economy Worries From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Farm economists and Congressional lawmakers fear continued Federal Reserve interest rate hikes will further damage the economy. The Federal Reserve is committed to continued rate hikes ’til inflation is tamed, and that has farm economists like AFB’s Bernt Nelson concerned … NELSON … “With … Read more

Mortgage mayhem sparks fears of a housing market crash in Britain

UK mortgage rates have skyrocketed since Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget on Sept. 23, prompting banks to pull mortgage products threatening a deepening of an expected housing market downturn. Dan Kitwood | Getty Images LONDON – There are growing fears of a housing market crash in the UK, after a swath of tax cuts announced … Read more

Treasury yields tumble as stock market rebounds

Treasury yields fell across the board on Tuesday as stock markets rose to kick off the fourth quarter while investors continued to digest the unexpected slowdown of US manufacturing. The benchmark 10-year Treasury was down 6 basis points to 3.5854% at around 4 am ET, after having surpassed the 4%-mark last week. The yield on … Read more

Personal Finances Top Economic Concert for Consumers

Consumers are tapping the brakes on spending and more than half (60%) still say they are “highly concerned” about the state of the economy, according to new data from Numerator. Lower gas prices have helped sooth the pain a little but overall personal finances continue to be the primary concern for US consumers who say … Read more

Economy, inflation top of mind for midterm voters, giving GOP slight edge in new Monmouth poll

A woman votes at a polling booth on May 17, 2022 in Norwood, North Carolina, United States. North Carolina is one of several states holding midterm primary elections. Sean Rayford | Getty Images Economic issues like inflation are top of mind for midterm voters a month out from Election Day, giving Republicans a slight edge … Read more

Jobs, home prices, market volatility are client concerns, advisors say

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images With high inflation and rising interest rates fueling speculation that a recession is on the horizon, it may come as no surprise that financial advisors are hearing these concerns from their clients. Year-over-year inflation eased a bit in August to 8.3% from 8.5% in July, but it remains … Read more

Credit Suisse is not about to cause a Lehman moment, economist Sri-Kumar says.

Worries are mounting over Credit Suisse’s financial health — but that doesn’t mean markets are headed toward a “Lehman moment,” said the president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies. “I think the Federal Reserve is going to have to face the consequences of a credit event” if it were to occur, Komal Sri-Kumar told CNBC’s “Squawk Box … Read more

Hawaii Real Estate Stats and Trends for 2023

HAWAII – The Hawaii real estate market is progressing rapidly, with prices hitting new highs. Demand is also driving up mortgage interest rates. Oahu real estate is continuing to show new records in median home prices, while condo sales are also surging. With this strong demand, buyers have many opportunities to purchase homes in Hawaii. … Read more

‘The Fed is breaking things’ – Here’s what has Wall Street on edge as risks rise around the world

Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, during a Fed Listens event in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022. Al Drago | Bloomberg | Getty Images As the Federal Reserve ramps up efforts to tame inflation, sending the dollar surging and bonds and stocks into a tailspin, concern is rising that the … Read more

IMF urges UK to ‘reevaluate’ tax cuts on inflation concerns

LONDON (AP) — The International Monetary Fund has urged the UK government to “reevaluate” a package of unfunded tax cuts. that it says may fuel inflation and are likely to increase economic inequality. The value of the pound sagged Wednesday morning after the rare IMF warning to a Group of Seven economy, trading at under … Read more