Amasisa seeks to create sustainable agricultural production models

The Peruvians call it the “Mother of cacaoyer” : l ‘Erythrina amasisa (pronounced “Amassissa”) is a vegetable tree of Amazonia, the native land of cacao. Pushing near plants, it allows them to provide the shade necessary for their good development. It is to honor its dignity that the French social enterprise Amasisa, formerly known as … Read more

2021, new record for solidarity finance

“From one year to the next, the message may be repetitive.”, almost excuses, with a smile, Jon Sallé, head of the Observatory of Social Impact Finance at FAIR. It is, however, a fact, which this expert rejoices: for its 20th edition, the annual barometer of solidarity finance published by the association FAIR and La Croix … Read more

The label “Solidarity Finance” was awarded to the organizer of the Libramont Fair

Par LM | Posted on 15/05/2022 at 10:00 While the Libramont Fair is actively preparing to return to this event after two years of forced disruption, its organizer, Libramont Coopéralia, has just gained recognition for choice. ********* *********** ******* ** ********* ** ***** ** *** **** ********* ** *** ******** ** ************** *** ***** ** … Read more

Social and solidarity economics: African experts are part of our experience

The seminars lors des travaux. (DR) In the prelude to the 110th International Organization of the International Organization of Labor (OIT), which aura was held on May 27 and June 11 in Geneva, an African regional conference on decent work, social economy and solidarity May 5 and 6, 2022. Initiatively held by the Oit and … Read more