Worker-Owned Apps Are Redefining the Sharing Economy

The Platform Cooperativism Consortium, based in New York City, has taught 1,300 students from 60 countries over the past two years in collaboration with Mondragon University, and it alone has created hundreds of projects. “Platform co-ops offer a more democratic and equitable alternative to traditional companies, and they have the potential to create good jobs, … Read more

Uber and Lyft Stocks Tumble as Markets Seek Strong Profits

Text size Uber and Lyft face headwinds from driver supply and increasing gas prices. Timothy A. Clary / AFP via Getty Images We’re not in Kansas anymore. Shares of Uber Technologies (ticker: UBER ) and Lyft ( LYFT ) are tumbling after the ride-hailing companies both posted better-than-expected financial results. On Wednesday, Uber reported revenue … Read more