Komi Dovi Koudou, an entrepreneur who “coaches” the debutants

(Togo First) – Il fait partie des premiers jeunes togolais qui se sont lancés dan la transformation agroalimentaire. Komi Dovi Koudou, Coach économique s’est position on le kinkéliba, a plante aux vertus diurétiques, hepatiques et digestives. The co-founders of the enterprise Natuthé Sarl and the patron of the cabinet Koudou’s Expertise cumule 12 ans d’expériences … Read more

France finances the construction of an electrical energy training center

(Ecofin Agency) – With the recent installation of the Renaissance dam, Ethiopia recognizes a challenge in terms of human resources in the field of electricity. This challenge could be solved with the creation of a training center. 10 million euros is the amount that the French Development Agency (AFD) will invest in Ethiopia to boost … Read more

the private sector is invited to seize climate finance resources

(Ecofin Agency) – On November 2022, the 27thème an international climate conference will be held in Egypt to focus on decisions made by governments, in the context of the energy transition. Meanwhile, Côte d’Ivoire is hosting another conference also dedicated to ecology. A business forum on climate finance was held on Tuesday, May 10 in … Read more