Are you tempted to buy AMC’s new APEs? Be prepared to lose everything, the company warns

Shares of AMC preferred equity units, or ‘APEs,’ rose 5% Monday, while the company’s common stock fell 7.5%, after the company unveiled plans to sell another up to 425 million APEs. At current prices, the cinema chain could raise up to $1.6 billion from the sale of additional APEs, which was disclosed in a regulatory … Read more

Ex-CEO of California investment companies charged with fraud

LOS ANGELES — A man who ran two California-based investment companies and frequently appeared as a TV financial news analyst was charged Wednesday with securities fraud for allegedly bilking clients out of millions of dollars, federal prosecutors said. James Arthur McDonald Jr., 50, was charged with a single fraud count and could face up to … Read more

Inflation Reduction Act to have ‘negative impact’ on S&P 500 companies’ profits, analysts say

The reviews keep coming in for the Inflation Reduction Act, and some analysts have now calculated what the Democratic Party’s big climate, healthcare and tax package could mean for S&P 500 companies. “Based on our analysis, the negative impact of the IRA Act on S&P 500 EPS is estimated at ~$4-5 in 2023,” said a … Read more

Opinion: Adobe’s stock got slammed for spending $20 billion on Figma. But it now owns a rare company.

Adobe beat revenue and profit expectations, and on the same day announced it would acquire a smaller but faster-growing rival in online design-collaboration tools. The stock market rewarded the company by pushing down its shares ADBE, -3.12% to the lowest level in almost three years. Investors punished the company not for its earnings report, released … Read more

AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Roche among pharmaceutical companies upgraded for high returns on R&D investments, analysts say

Shares in pharmaceutical giants including Roche, Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca were little changed Wednesday despite getting a ratings boost from analysts at Berenberg, who cited respective returns on research and development investment and the ability of those companies to withstand pressure coming from recent US drug price reform. London-listed AstraZeneca AZN, -1.70% AZN, … Read more

Opinion: Investors have rained money on unprofitable companies — one with $32 billion in losses. Now any of these 15 stocks could become the biggest ‘unicorn’ failure ever.

David Rush holds a Guinness world record for cramming 100 candles into his mouth and lighting them. Sandeep Singh Kaila spins a basketball on a toothbrush for a record 1 minute and 8.15 seconds. Neville Sharp emitted a 112.4 decibel burp. If those zany stunts can make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, … Read more

California to require social-media companies to disclose hate-speech, disinformation policies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California will impose first-of-its-kind requirements on social media companies to publish their policies for removing disturbing content including hate speech, with details on how and when they remove that content, under a bill signed into law by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. “California will not stand by as social media is weaponized to … Read more

FTC looks to hammer out rules to rein in tech companies’ data collection

WASHINGTON — Whether it’s the fitness tracker on your wrist, the “smart” home appliances in your house or the latest kids’ fad going viral in online videos, they all produce a trove of personal data for big tech companies. How that data is being used and protected has led to growing public concern and officials’ … Read more