Proven: Yoga is good for heart health

It’s proven, yoga is indeed good for your cardio-vascular health. A month of yoga increased good lipids (HDL) and reduced bad ones (LDL) in people who had just coopted the routine in their daily lives, according to a latest study by PGIMER, Chandigarh. Not only that, results showed that one can derive maximum benefit from … Read more

The Monday to Saturday yoga guide

For yoga therapy to be fully effective, the initial treatment should be ideally done away from home in a yogashram. At home, it may not be possible to relax deeply, and tension slows down the healing. Also, at home, the conditions that created the health problems in the first place, are still there and may … Read more

Yoga to keep lifestyle disease parameters in check – hypertension, diabetes, PCOS amongst others, Health News, ET HealthWorld

By Arunima Singhdeo Every decade the world is changing. Just 20 years back our food was different, our work hours ended at 5-6pm, we moved more as cars and bikes were not the norm. We would walk to catch a bus and taxis did not come right till your doorstep. Another huge change is the … Read more

Only a few mothers actually practice prenatal or postnatal yoga | Lifestyle Women

New Delhi: A Prenatal Yoga Survey on the occasion of the upcoming International Day of Yoga revealed the benefits and practice of prenatal & postnatal yoga, and how many mothers actually adopt yoga as a lifestyle in the long run. Mylo, a full-stack D2C platform for expecting and new mothers, announced the results of a … Read more

Can practicing meditation and yoga help sleep better?

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that are known to promote holistic healing of the mind, soul and body. No wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular the world over. Even during the pandemic, many people either got introduced to or resumed the practices of yoga and meditation to find peace within, which has many positive effects … Read more

Tips to do a perfect headstand

Referred to as the ‘king’ of asanas, headstand is an advanced yoga inversion. For beginners, it might seem that a headstand turns the world upside down. However, Anshuka Parwani, the celebrity yoga trainer, shared an Instagram post saying, “It looks intimidating, but once you build up to it, it becomes so easy. If you have … Read more

Asthma Awareness Month: Perform these five yoga asanas for relief

Asthma is a respiratory condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus, making it difficult to breathe. It is characterized by breathing difficulties, chest pain, cough and wheezing, among other symptoms. To spread awareness about the condition and call for improvement in the lives of people with asthma, May … Read more