The 9 most gracious judicial sentences of the last years

The scope of jurisprudence is serious. No one can read a sentence to make a good rat.

Without restrictions, if there is a field so large, it always produces anecdotes that can be deleted and even loaded.

Finally, there are millions of legal cases and most of them are on the internet, which is just public information.

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Due to this, the pen should repeat the sentences more tragic than those faced by the judges in recent years.

Next, it shows 9 so funny judicial actions that in some cases seem to be covered by the fiction.

Seriously ignorant of a doctor: performing a vasectomy by mistake


Making a mistake in a vasectomy operation is one of the most delicate injuries that a doctor can make, about all if the patient in question does not want to undergo this surgery.

This is what happened to a urologist from Pontevedra, who wanted to perform a simple circumcision on a patient, but an unjust confusion led him to practice a vasectomy.

The man, apparently, denounced, and the doctor was convicted of paying an indemnity of 15,400 euros.

Be careful to match the verbs!

A judge editing a sentence

A sentence of the Provincial Audience of Murcia recalls the importance of conjuring the verbs properly, otherwise they can be condemned.

The falcon makes reference to a man who addressed his little son with the following words: “I’ll turn my head back.”

The man uttered this phrase because his daughter received the impact of a balloon in front of him, and in reality wanted to say “you would have hit your head”, referring to the blow received.

The result was a criminal offense, with an economic fine of 90 euros.

The size of the letter matters

Worker signing a contract

Banking entities often use a really small font size when it comes to editing clues, in such a way that the customer ends up passing through.

The Provincial Audience of Castellón ruled in 2017 that the contract of a bank was illegal due to the letter size.

In fact, the fallo clarified that the letter was so minuscule “what the use of a land requires “.

A judge with a poet’s complex

A judge imposing a sentence

Some magistrates have a frustrated career as poets. This is the case of Tenerife judge Alvaro Gaspar Pardo de Andrade. One of his sentences went viral in his own style.

“Tinieblas del corazón. La resolución de la litis empieza por el final. Por qué asistió la Sra. Cabo Vizo al juicio si no se había pedido su interrogatorio? Porque le dolía, le duele el corazón. Acaso, ojalá, contribuya la presente to bring that pain to the bag “, said the fallo, admitted by El País.

The case was that of a flight attendant who had to be compensated for his flight. The judge wants to start the redaction of his sentence in that way.

The Judicial Authority did not sanction this magistrate, but it admitted that it did not share the employee style in the document.

King Baltasar has problems

cabalgata de reyes

The cabalgata of the Wise Kings is more dangerous than it can seem. The launch of caramel can provoke alarms.

A Huelva woman sued King Baltasar in 2010 for causing injuries to an eye after the launch of a golosina. The judge, after studying the case, filed the indictment, argument that the nationality of his majesty could not be determined or that the mark of international law applies.

It is notorious that the process of the Orient, more than 2,000 years ago that the controversy was not resolved around its true country of origin “, details the fallo, which is published Cope.

Condemned to cut off the judge’s hair


The judge of Menores de Granada, Emilio Calatayud, is one of the most controversial justice professionals in recent years.

Da positive in cannabis while driving the company’s car, dismissal and justice declaring it improper

One of his best -known cases refers to a minor who made money from a hairdresser. The accused was obliged to enroll in a stylism course and cut the hair of his own judge, such and as explained La Vanguardia.

The sentence that obliges to draw a comic

A young man drawing a comic

Another of the best -known resolutions of Judge Calatayud.

On this occasion a young man was sentenced to death draw a comic in which they relate their crimes. The accused’s improper act was to drive a cyclomotor without insurance.

The motive for this “punishment” is simple: the minor was a great fan of drawing, and the judge thought that in this way he could learn the lesson.

The villagers can save their lives

Vecinos discussing

Having a messy neighbor is always a nuisance. If you also raise a dog that does not stop barking all night, the situation returns dramatically.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States, where a man accused his wife of having a “super stubborn” dog, according to a statement. The Confidentiality.

Not content with it, the neighbor added to the demand that the dog provoked a noise of 128 decibelsobviously without accompanying any test.

Without restraint, the plaintiff committed the error of not presenting it to the trial, for which he had to pay a fine for excess of riot.

And if you accuse your little sister?

A little sick child

Members of your family can turn into the worst enemy. Some people even went so far as to denounce their small superiors.

It was the case of a woman from the United States who attended her sister -in -law’s party, which had just turned 8 years old.

The boy, when he saw his aunt, was unable to contain his happiness and threw himself on her to greet her, with such bad luck that he ended up breaking the doll.

The plaintiff required an indemnity of 120,000 euros because his stepfather was “negligent and careless”, according to the report The Confidentiality.

Finally, justice did not do it in his favor and he had to march with empty hands.

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