SASKATOON, SK, on 13 May 2022 / CNW / – Les anciens toxicomanes auront un meilleur accès à des logements avec services de soutien à Saskatoon.

Today, the honorable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of the Administration and the Diversification and Inclusion, and Gordan Wyant, the provincial province of Saskatoon-Nord-Ouest, at the honorable Lori Carr, Minister of Social Services and Responsible Minister of the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC), who are members of the Oxford House Saskatchewan (OHS) and members of the collective work for the cell phone and the extension of 25 logements abordables for the toxicomanes.

The governments of du Canada et de la Saskatchewan versent conjointement 865 000 $ dans le cadre de l’Entente bilatérale CanadaSaskatchewan.

For four years, OHS has made some personal decisions that will make it possible for us to experience each other. Check chambre est louée séparément à des résidents that auront ainsi accès à un logement sûr et stable où ils pourront vivre dans la sobriété. The members of the OHC personnel station at the top of the site pour into the suburbs of the auxiliate locals, re-evaluate the probability of contact and contact with other services and social services in the collective work.

L’inauguration souligne l’achèvement des phases I et II de l’ensemble. The maisons sont situated in les quartiers Lawson Heights, River Heights, Massey PlaceSilverwood Heights et Mayfairà Saskatoon.

Lors de In addition, the supplementary funding for the National Affordable Housing Corporation (NAHC) has been approved by the 14th party to accommodate 19 people who have a strong understanding of intelligence or enlightenment in the Willowview Heights and Aspen Heights en à Saskatoon. The governments of du Canada et de la Saskatchewan on conjointement fourni 460 000 $ par the intermediate of the Entente bilatérale CanadaSaskatchewan pour crèer ces logements.


«Tout le monde au Canada mérite d’avoir un chez-soi sûr et abordable. Our government is determined by the decision of Canadians and Canadians to adopt a more vice versa and to maximize value. Grâce à notre investment investment, ces 25 nouveaux logements à Saskatoon soutiendront les résidents that surmontent une expendance en leur fournissant le soutien sur place dont ils ont besoin pour se rétablir de façon stable. C’est la Stratégie nationale sur le logement à l’œvre. » – L’honorable Ahmed Hussen, Ministry of Management and Diversification and Inclusion

«The government of la Saskatchewan Find the four service business communicators, as Oxford House Saskatchewan, for our travel service. Ces organismes offrent un soutien incroyable aux anciens toxicomanes. As a new management module offline auxiliate unidentified and abstractly viable, otherwise you will have a lot of people to move on to the specific objectives for you to have more than a sign in the collective. Nous continuerons de travailler avec des organismes comme Oxford House Saskatchewan pour elaborer davantage d’options de logement avec services de soutien pour les personnes dans le besoin. » – L’honorable Lori Carr, Minister of Social Services and Responsive Ministry of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation

“Not only is the mission of the country beyond the sétien services of the soutien, a militant group of toxicans to move forward in the long run and to develop an apprenticeship tout in the early stages of social and economic development. Our vision for a long term is the end of our efforts.Oxford House in the region of Saskatoon and à l’ensemble de la Saskatchewan. In the summer we will announce that the objective of this project is to report on the operation of 25 units privately in the city. The personnel, the administration of the administration and the members of the Oxford House in Saskatchewan have not received any donations from local donors, the traffickers who have been deprived of their rights by the provincial government, and have developed a vision and a clear agreement on what to do. » Mark Soloway, general director of Oxford House Saskatchewan

Faits and bref:

  • OHC is a non-organizational organization but constitutes a function of the transition to the transactional division of the auxilies toxicomanes which is based on a stable and stable management system in the future.
  • In 2019, the government of the day Saskatchewan and du Canada on concert an entourage in the national Strategy National on the management. Just a billion dollar investment will make an investment of 449.9 million dollars for 10 years. The federal and provincial governments have an equal contribution.
  • In August 2021, the SNL has issued a constraint of more than 68,700 logements and retailers and more than 90,400 logements.
  • La Stratégie nationale sur le logement (SNL) du Canada is a plan of plus 72 milliards of dollars on 10 ans which is permissible in a plus grand number of people au Canada d’avoir un chez-soi.

Liens connexes:

  • I am a freelance copywriter in the media Canada, SCHL contributed to the stabilization of the labor market and the financier sector, as well as to the Canadian dynasty and to the fourteenth of the recruiting and organizational issues imposed on the government of the government, aux consommateurs and sec. ‘habitation du pays. The SCHL is saying that, in the 2030s, tout le monde au Canada to pay for a loan that is fixed by time: this is the only thing that is fixed. For a savoir davantage, rendez-vous au ou suivez-nous sur Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn et Facebook.
  • For savoir plus on the national Strategies on the management, consult the site
  • Dans le cadre de l’entente bilatérale conclue entre le Canada et la Saskatchewanthe management is one of the main priorities in the efforts to offer a positive qualification of all families and collective organizations of the Saskatchewan. Since 2007, the government of la la Saskatchewan, with the evaluation of the SHC, investing 786 million dollars for anger plus 12 000 logements and a prize of 5 500 logements. The SHC has invested more than 61 million dollars to construct the 300 per cent of the draft descriptions and reserves and 430 million dollars to finance the appropriateness of appropriations in the province. For an appendix plus, consult the site

SOURCE Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement

Renseignements: Arevig Afarian, Cabinet of the Ministry of Management and Diversification and Inclusion, [email protected]; Relationship with the media, Canadian society of hypotheses and management, [email protected]; Leya Moore, Minister of Social Services in Saskatchewan, 306-787-3610, [email protected]


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