The Creator Economy offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators of content

Five tips to unleash creativity

If you have some skills or knowledge that you would like to share with others and live your passion, Hotmart has five essential tips for you to create a unique digital product and enter the Creator Economy:

1. Choose the topic you want to talk about: The first step to creating a digital product is defining the topic you want to talk about. It is fundamental that it is a topic that you dominate, because that is the only way you can create something relevant for your audience. If you don’t know much about the topic, you will need the support of others to develop the digital product. Por one lado, esto puede reducir la carga de trabajo, pero por otro aumentará los costos creación, así que piénsalo.

2. Define the format of the product: With the set of topics, the next step is to choose the format of the content. There is a variety of formats, from podcasts to ebooks, courses, classes, workshops, infographics, software, etc. Sin embargo, it is necessary to take into account that the most adequate format depends on three elements: the resources available (microphone, editing system, camera, etc.); the public interest and the capacity to adapt to the proposed theme.

3. Know the products of the competition: Do benchmarking to know the products of the competition. There is always an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competition and innovate. Investigate what the competitors are doing and review what elements you can improve on the product that makes it different, even though there is already a similar theme that can be shown in a different way.

4. Definir al buyer persona: Necesitas conocer a tu audiencia antes de puter el plan en práctica, para eso necesitas hacerte las siguientes preguntas: ¿Quién consumirá tu producto? ¿Qué espera esta persona? ¿Cuánto está disposado a pagar? ¿Quélas son sus gustos? Respondiendo a esto puedes crear al buyer persona, es decir, una persona ficticia que representa tu comprador y/o consumidor de tu producto. This buyer persona has a name, age, gender, hobbies and experiences. Entre más characteristics y detalles expongas de este buyer persona es mucho mejor.

5. Determinar el sales channel: From the beginning you must keep in mind the channels through which you will sell your product. It has a reliable channel with good reputation and image. The preference is that there is a free and complete platform for buying and selling digital products and you don’t have to worry about anything more than the content you offer. En Hotmart los creadores de contenido do not pay monthly quotas and only have one cost for each sale realized.

Review the origin of the Creator Economy, how it is possible to earn money online and how to create online courses with the help of Hotmart and try to live your passions!


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