The people of Contrecoeur are invited to beautify Place François-De Sales-Gervais this summer

In order to celebrate the inauguration of the Place François-De Sales-Gervais which will take place in the summer of 2022, the City of Contrecœur invites visual arts artists as well as citizens to participate in the project “A wind of renewal by the water ”. As part of this, two new cultural facilities will be created to liven up and make this recently redeveloped area of ​​the community even more attractive.

Part 1 – Permanent mural

Until April 24, Contrecœur resident artists will be able to submit a freestyle work. This will be used to design a mural that will be made by a muralist on one of the walls of the municipal dock launch ramp.

The artist, whose work will be selected by the jury, will receive a $ 850 prize. A second prize, worth $ 150, will also be awarded to another artist who has submitted a project that meets the required criteria. The form and selection criteria are available on our website

Part 2 – Outdoor exhibition

As part of the second part of the project, the public is invited to dust off their personal albums and search its archives to find photographs that testify to the history of this enchanting site. They can represent people from here who take advantage of this location or different landscapes representing the Place François-De Sales-Gervais.

The selected photos will allow the City to create a temporary outdoor exhibition where photographs of citizens will be in the spotlight. Interested individuals can also complete the entry form by visiting our website.

“The city council is pleased with the two-part call for cultural projects.” Our artists will have the opportunity to shine and see their talent recognized in the first installment. The selected work, which will be made in the form of a mural, will contribute to the visual and artistic beautification of our new developments. The entire population of Contrecoeur will also be able to get involved in the improvement and development of our community thanks to the second part of this call for projects, while the selected photos will be added to the historical legacy of this gathering place that draws a line. from the time of the history of Contrecœur, ”points out the mayor, Maud Allaire.

Revitalization and development

With the project “A wind of renewal by the water”, the City will be able to bring its final touch to the redevelopment of the public square. Estimated at nearly $ 2 million, this project is part of the Greater Montreal Green and Blue Frame.

“Many improvements have been made in recent months as part of our plan to revitalize the municipal wharf and town hall sector.” Our goal is to make this place a central core of the municipality. The contribution to this project of our artists and our population will demonstrate all the richness of our culture and heritage. Let’s be proud, Contrecœuroises and Contrecœurois, of our main attractions! Adds Mayor Maud Allaire.

Interested persons must send the required documents as well as the requested works no later than April 24, 2022, at midnight. For full project details and forms, visit our website at under the Citizen Services / Leisure and Culture tab.

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