The Radisson group developed the lifestyle brand Art’otel

Le futur art’otel de London participe à la transformation de la Battersea Power Station.

The Radisson group won a visit to the expansion of a large expanse of contemporary hotel and design hotels, with animated animations and restaurants and trendy bars. Bref, what you have to do with the contours of the hotel hotel communications appelée lifestyle. Give a percentage on the crane porteur I have seen Radisson RED, in a very special way, the hotel has already announced that it will be as good as the current renforcer l’offre de sa marque economics and design Prizeotel. Unseen in development, this is limited by the fact that it is considered to be a major conflict in Europe in the last few years.

The cottage ambitions concern concerns a contemporary hotel in prix doux, the Radisson Hotel Group will be the first to match the march, and the manime manière: en partant d ‘an unseen development of the world to exist in the desert of Radisson, art hotel, and don’t offer any grandir rapidement. For each other, Radisson will apply for a part-time strategy with the PPHE group. What a specialty of real estate and the location of the hotel offers all the lengths of the master franchise accord with Radisson for the Park Plaza market. This is the case with PPHE which Radisson has developed in the three premier art hotels in Amsterdam – its current fleet -, Berlin and Budapest. Soit autant de hubs culturels et créatifs which is an appellant of dessert.

Surfant on the corner of the tourist destination as well as the lifestyle for living conditions, the best part of the world living in a beautoup plus business, ever for the ambition of construire a portfolio of hotels in the largest international metropolitan area. In addition to the division of the party, there are several projects that will be held in London, at the London London Hoxton hotel in 2024, and the hotel will be hosted, at the London Battersea Power Station. An établissement which i s’inscrit in a vase project immobilizer revitalized an icone de la skyline londoniennea central assembly of the borders of the Tamise immortalization and its temples by Pink Floyd on the pockets of its album Animals.

Troas autres projts vont s’ajouter à eux dans le cadre de l’accord avec PPHE en 2022 et 2023, in Zagreb and Pula in Croatia, in Rome. « All summer development developer relationship relation to PPHE and the development of croissance and evolution of the hotel hotelin the case of Federico González, PDG du Radisson Hotel Group. Art’otel allie culture et lifestyle et cette marque audacieuse offrira des opportunités uniques à nos clients et proprietta dans ce segment haut de gamme en pleine croissance. »

In the parallel de la marque art’otel, les relations étroites between PPHE et Radisson ont conduit à la conclusion d’un accord de de development development stratégique concernant The expansion of the trails of Europe toutes the Marisson Marques, the most opportunistic opportunities are in the European Central and Orientals, and in Croatia. Dans ce cadre, le Grand Hotel Brioni à Pulain the hotel les plus connus du pays, will pass through the seminar on the other side of the famous Radisson Collection brand, and the site of the renovation program.

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