the Regional Council refused to declare the Breton branch

With more than 37,000 agricultural exploits in 2007 against less than 26,000 in 2021, the Brittany Region (B4) will not be able to respond to their dispatchers. La lancement des États géneraux de l’installation-transmission par le Conseil régional l’année dernière a pour objectif d’inverser la tendance.

1,000 agricultural installations per year?

Les menaces qui pèsent sur l’agriculture bretonne sont multiples. In a difficult context, the Regional Council decided not to let people know about the sectors of the Breton economy that the questions of the sovereign food were on a new dimension of these last ones.

Ainsi, the Brittany Region is ambitious to accompany the installation of 1,000 farmers in 2028 on the administrative territory, which is also due to the number of exploiters fermenting their gates for diversified areas, noting the cause of deforestation. About 10 years ago, a Breton farmer surrogates two of them in a caesarean section. Sans oublier la menace de l’artificialisation des terres agricoles.

C’est donc pour trouver des solutions face à ce qui pourrait apparaître comme une fatalité que la Région Bretagne a engagé les États généraux de l’installation-transmission à la fin de l’année 2021. Parmi les priorités de la collectivité, s’ assurer faire perdurer des family exploitas à taille humaine.

Common agricultural actors to find specific seats

Is the object fixed by the president of the Loïg Chesnais-Girard region at the end of the last day? In 2021, the Regional Council assisted in the creation of 507 installations in the four departments of the administrative region. The new building has a capacity of 30.3 years and the surface of the installation has a capacity of 76 hectares.

In December of last year, the Brittany Region conveyed after 200 actors from the Breton agricultural world and 148 structures, the cooperatives with syndicates in the past by the collectivities and the organisms of formation. First stage: make a balance sheet exhausted from the agricultural situation in Brittany. Et ce, à travers quatre atelier thematic: available availability, engagement of partners, formation, competitiveness and transmissibility.

By the suite, these actors identify the levers in the month of March 2022, in the last day, define the priority axes of the action. From these exchanges and consultations, 87 final meetings were held.

A plan of action presented at the beginning of October

Prochaine stage desormais, ces 87 premieres pistes du plan d’accompagnement que souhaite mettre œuvre la Région Bretagne seront présentées aux 83 élus du Conseil régional et summises à leur vote lors de la session plenière des 13 et 14 octobre.

To the end, to install the installation of 1,000 farmers every year, to promote the regional action plan, to renovate the branch.

In the morning, in the last months, in the region of the last action, in partnership with the intercommunalities and the SAFER, in a creative (or ameliorating) of the equipment of the company (notation on the fund.) A dispositive of economic diagnosis, social and environnemental pourrait également accompagner la transmission afin de soutenir les cédants, moins aidés que les candidats à l’installation.

Enfin, the Regional Council envisages a place in the country to communicate in the optics of the metric in front of the attractiveness of agricultural machinery.

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