This is what it takes to equate a ‘camper’ fighter

I still remember the day you decided camperizar tu furgoneta. It has been months of work, of ideas that have turned into reality and of dreaming of the moment when that wheelbarrow will be accepted in your home on wheels. That day he arrived. But one last step is missing, and of extreme importance, homologate the furgoneta camper.

According to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), it is understood that a modification or reform of importance (which is what is required will be an extraordinary ITV) any change that affects:

  • The identification of the vehicle.
  • The motor unit.
  • Transmission, ejes, suspension, direction or brakes.
  • The carrocería.
  • Lighting and signaling devices.
  • Unions between tractor vehicles and the trailers or semirremolques that carry.
  • Also the modification of any data that will appear on ITV.

It says, homologate a furgoneta camper it means to surpass that ITV exceptional.

To be a little more specific, the SGS ITV website explains that this homologation has some requirements that must be fulfilled before presenting the vehicle to the homologation inspection:

  • Install a bed or seat that can be converted into a bed.
  • Have a piece of furniture to store.
  • Demonstrate that it has living conditions: adequate ventilation, permitted electrical installation, water installation, furniture firm fixture, kitchen model…

So, go to the site beforehand, you can believe that your furgoneta is worthy of being classified as furgo camper o furgo viviendaand then present it with this denomination at the next ITV.

How long does it take to homologize a ‘camperizada’ furgoneta?

To be able to pass ITV, Yescapa’s blog (a company dedicated to renting cars and freight cars, with more than 5,000 vehicles) lists the documents it has to present and the cost of each of them (in addition to overcoming the own Inspection).

With this you will finally answer the question of How much does it cost to homologue a furgoneta camper?:

  • Technical project, final certificate of work and report of the laboratory or conformity: between 450 and 500 euros.
  • Electric ticket (if the installation is of 220 watts): 100 euros approximately.
  • Gas ticket: approximately 150 euros.
  • Building certificate: approximately 100 euros.
  • ITV Inspection and Reform: approximately 60 euros.

It says, homologar tu furgoneta camperizada it will cost you between 650 and 900 euros.

If you want to delve a little more into the whole process, you will find information on the 802 pages of Vehicle Reform Manual.

A document developed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in collaboration with competent organizations in the matter of ITV of the autonomous communitieswhich establishes the descriptions of the specified reforms, its codification and the precise documentation for its translation.

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