This was the CV of Bill Gates when he was 18 years old

Once upon a time, many years ago, Bill Gates fue un estudiante de primer semestre en Harvard, preguntándose que hacer de su vida y cómo conseguir un trabajo. El joven tenía entonces 18 años y aspiraba a ganar $12,000 dollars a year. All this we know thanks to the most recent publication of the entrepreneur and philanthropist in his LinkedIn profile.

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“Whether you are a recent graduate or a deserter from the university, I’m sure your curriculum is much better than mine 48 years ago,” says the post, which has more than 166,000 likes and has been shared almost four times. a thousand times. The image shows a CV written by machine together with the card of a placement company called RSVP Services.

In addition to his personal data, the document shows the experience of Gates until that moment. He declared himself studying the first year of the career at Harvard College and having taken courses (¡y obtenido una A!) in the subjects structure of operating systems, administration of data bases, compilation of constructions and computational graphics.

When talking about his experience, Bill Gates mentioned the knowledge of diverse programming languages ​​among those that are found in BASIC, ALGOL, FORTAN and COBOL. In addition, he mentions his professional experience working for TRW Systems Group, in Vancouver designing and modifying operating systems from January to September 1973.

En un apartado menciona su alliance con Paul G. Allen to design a system to study traffic flow based on an Intel MCS-8000 computer.

El documento bien podría estar algun día en un museum, pues muestra una piece de historia antes de que Bill Gates y su amigo Paul G. Allen Microsoft el 4 de abril de 1975 y transformaran para siempre al mundo.

The success of the two entrepreneurs was rooted in focusing on the development of software for diverse hardware manufacturers. When the use of the personal computer exploded, Microsoft and Windows, their operating system, became market leaders with a participation superior to 90%.

Durante muchos años Bill Gates was the richest man in the world according to the magazine Forbes (from 1995 to 2010 and from 2013 to 2017).


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