TikTok releases a dislike button in comments to provide a better experience to its users

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TikTokthe social network that has revolutionized the digital world is about to release a new functionality that will be released this Friday, September 23 at the global level.

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Se trata de un the button dislike (I don’t like it) que appreciación al lado de cada comentario hecho por los usuarios en un determinado post. The idea is that the community brings a platform feedback on the value and utility of each comment. The social network relies on the help of users to identify (by means of the new button) comentarios irrelevantes or inappropriatepara que estos no aparezcan hasta arriba del feed.

No one will wait if you press the button dislike ni habrá manera de que quien comentó sepa el número de “no me gusta” que sus palabras cosecharon.

The social platform has been working on the development of this new functionality since the month of April and today it will finally see the light. Por medio de un hilo en his Twitter accountTikTok explained: “At the beginning of this year, we began to test a new form in which people could identify the comments that they thought were irrelevant or inappropriate. After some tests, we are launching them globally.”

En el hilo se muestra cómo la nueva funcionalidad y se explanación que el desarrollo seeks to obtain direct feedback from users to encourage a comment section that contributes to the experience provided by the social network: “Our main priority with this feature is to create a mejor experiencia para nuestra comunidad”.

What has made TikTok stand out from other social networks is the way its algorithm works and the ability to show relevant content to each user, even if it does not follow the account that created it.

Con el botón de dislike en comentarios TikTok seeks to make the experience for users even richer.

Aunque el botón de dislike pareciera estar en deuso (so few social networks have it) y según un estudio no serve de grand cosa en YouTube, la social network china parecera haber encontrar la manera de volverlo útil.


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