Tintra plc Appoints Dr. Davy Smith is also Chief Innovation Officer

The board of directors of Tintra the appointment of Dr. Davy Smith as Chief Innovation Officer (“CIO”) as the Group continues to execute its plan to build global banking infrastructure driven by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing tools. While this is not a Board position, the CIO will be responsible for the execution of the existing innovation strategy and to develop an informed future strategy for the research, development, and integration of innovative new technologies relevant to the mission of the Company. This includes, among other things, its application of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, augmented/virtual reality and advanced methods for biometric and behavioral identification.

Dr. Smith is a world-leading researcher, designer and strategist in the application of innovative future technologies. A true visionary, Dr. Smith holds a PhD in neuro-evolutionary Artificial Intelligence from Queen Mary University of London and has been published numerous times in papers covering AI/ML algorithm design along with patent applications in blockchain technologies. Dr. Smith has worked cross-sector alongside global industry leaders, including with BBC R&D to develop adaptive real-time data-driven technology, world-leading social media platforms along with the design and implementation of future-facing Augmented Reality technologies.

His work has more recently spearheaded web3 innovations not least in being the co-inventor, alongside Dr. Lyske, of the Tintra patents registered earlier this year.


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