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Lima.- With all the creative designs, the Samsung Lifestyle televisions are fully integrated with the latest designs for interior design and to expose the personal touch. Desde The Serif, in the form formed by the “I” version, and The Frame, with its elegance and marco model; has The Sero, which makes it an aesthetic that it retains in its own right, has replaced the Lifestyle models of Samsung with creations for just the right ones.

Depending on the site, you can see the form of the televisions of Samsung Lifestyle to use the utility to make the interiors. With the help of a creative designer named Rachel, Samsung Newsroom creates elegant forms of instantaneous, with its main objectives, to embellish a wide range of features. The sea that you are trying to decorate the interior with plants or prefectures is a minimalist style, the following tricks and connotations are created to create the perfect performance.

  • La clave del minimalism reside en la belleza del espacio vacío. La clave está en seleccionar solos los muebles y colores necesarios, no obstante, si el esacacre parece demasiado vacío, ese toque extra lo puede alcanzar con cuadros o una lampara de pie.
  • Colocar is a great plant in the month of “The Frame” and will be the only one that spends its time in a minimalist style. Utilize cortinas de gasa, encaje o blancas para crear un esacacio que ofrezca intimidad, mientras deja entrar mucha luz solar.
  • El Serif, if you are more inclusive than at any other time, it will be located in the center of the habitat, which separates the habitat in the espacios. Colocar unmodified sofas on the television set transformed into a perfect environment for relaxation.

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