Tocqueville Finance climbs to 2nd podium in the 2022 Alpha League Table

A historical and recognized actor in action management conviction, Tocqueville Finance ranks 2nd in the ranking of the best performing French managers in 2021. Developed since 2005 by EuroPerformance (SIX since 2016), the Alpha League Table is the reference ranking of management companies based on a realistic measure of risk -corrected performance, “the Alpha”. This ranking rewards the best management companies for their “Actions” management ability to generate alpha.
After having integrated for the first time last year’s standings in 17th place, Tocqueville Finance will move this year to 2nd place on the podium.

The management company, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale AM, is thus distinguished by 19 winning funds. Among these, the euro zone is well represented with 9 funds confirming Tocqueville Finance’s expertise in this geographical area even though market conditions were difficult, especially due to the health crisis.

Indeed, Tocqueville Finance’s DNA is an opportunistic stock-picking approach, coupled with a fundamental and independent analysis covering four pillars of expertise: value, small and medium capitalizations, growth and thematics.

Deeply convinced of the virtues of extra-financial analysis, Tocqueville Finance has a range of funds the majority of which is labeled ISR. Of the 19 winning funds, 17 thus benefit from an in-depth extra-financial analysis and invest in values ​​that meet environmental, social and governance criteria or have a sustainable investment objective in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Regulation. SFDR.

Michel Saugné, Director of Management of Tocqueville Finance, explains: “We are enjoying this 2nd place which is a testament to the relevance of our philosophy of responsible management and conviction, whose performance exemplifies all the expertise that we covered it, and it was in a particularly humid environment. “

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