Treat modeling as a side hustle: Murandu

HARARE-BASED model of the Panashe Murandu

HARARE-BASED model Panashe Murandu (25) believes modeling should be treated as one of the many dreams that someone may yearn to fulfill, but should not be considered as a full-time job.

Murandu holds the title for Mister Glam International Best Personality and Best Introduction as well as the current Mr Zimbabwe brand ambassador.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Murandu said models should not relax but consider other avenues of generating income for a living.

“I joined modeling in 2019 and managed to win the Mister Glam International Zimbabwe. Although I managed to be groomed and expand my territory in this sector, I still urge other models not to entirely depend on modeling as their source of income, ”Murandu said.

“During the course of my time in this industry I have grabbed a lot of opportunities, for example, I got signed with Helm of Kinekor Joina City as their brand ambassador. I also managed to work with quite a number of clothing brands such as DK mannequins/Vogue Star and a lot of fashion designers and that has opened up great opportunities, nevertheless this only happens by chance or by luck not that it’s guaranteed for every model. That is why I urge my fellows not to relax and wait for such opportunities, but rather they should look for something else, ”he said.

The young and energetic model, who is also into acting, said he owned a cleaning company where he spends most of his time.

“I love cleaning and this pushed me into opening my own cleaning company which offers all cleaning services from commercials to industrial services. The experience has taught me not to rely on one particular thing, but rather spread out and do something that I genuinely love, ”he added.

Murandu has featured in local dramas such as Zalavaz as the protagonist, Mercy Seat, Zvirimudzimba and he also did a couple of theater shows where he performed at gatherings such as the Theater Art Gathering and Literature International Festival.

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