UK’s top 5 cloud companies to work for

How many cloud-based apps or services do you use each day? Three to five maybe, or a few more if you combine your personal apps with platforms you use throughout the working day, or maybe it’s a few more if you consider social media and online shopping, not to mention dating and finance apps – so seven sounds about right? It’s not; The average person uses at least thirty-six cloud-based services each day. That’s right. Thirty-six.

Prior to Covid-19, cloud computing as a sector was worth $371.4 billion. It is now predicted to be valued at $832.1 billion by 2025, a 124% increase in just five years. Companies worldwide spent $34.6 billion on cloud services in the second quarter of 2022, up roughly 11% from the previous quarter, which is easily explained when you consider that 94% of all enterprises use cloud computing, while 81% of businesses have a multi- cloud based infrastructure or are planning to get there ASAP to ensure they remain competitive. This demand shows no signs of waning.

This accelerated adoption of cloud-based services can be attributed to the recent pandemic and changing consumer trends. The pandemic called for immediate remote access for all businesses, while changing consumer trends call for faster, more personalized, and slicker e-commerce capabilities, as well as the complete disruption of the finance sector.

There is no denying that cloud computing is no longer the future – it’s the present. Which is why it is emerging as one of the hottest industries for professionals looking to progress quickly in an industry that boasts longevity. In fact, demand for senior cloud executives rose by 224% since the start of the pandemic, according to recent research from Deloitte. Cloud engineers are receiving an average salary of £70,000 and rising as they gain more experience and move towards the C-suite level.

For those without any tech experience, cloud companies also present opportunities for you. Roles in marketing, people management, data analytics, and customer service are available and enable those from other sectors to take part in the cloud revolution.

With such high demand, there are dozens of companies currently recruiting on the Finextra Job Board for cloud roles – but how can you make sure you are choosing a reputable company that will encourage and plan for the continued professional development the sector requires?

Here are five of the UK’s top cloud companies for those looking to progress their career:

1. launched in 2021 determined to make global e-commerce payments easier for companies and consumers alike by processing payments and fees from different currencies in one easy place. It has since grown to employ 1,000 workers across 19 global locations and is constantly recruiting across tech, finance and marketing.

According to Great Place To Work, 89% of employees at say it is a great place to work, which is considerably higher than the 57% norm achieved by other cloud companies. The company is proud of its diverse and inclusive hiring policy and is committed to ensuring all employees reach their full potential.

2. Rapid

Rapyd identified a gap in the Fintech market to help companies scale and expand at speed by providing a full-stack of integrated payments, commerce, and financial services capabilities that can be embedded into any application.

Described as Forbes by the company to “take on PayPal”, Rapyd currently employs over 550 employees globally and has created the Rapyd Academy to ensure continuous professional development and upskilling for its staff.

3. HiBob

HiBob – or just Bob – is a human resources information system that enables companies to scale at speed while managing its talent in a streamlined way. Currently employing over 600 people, according to Glassdoor, 93% of HiBob’s workers have positive things to say about its culture and would recommend working there to a friend.

It is currently recruiting for roles across engineering, business development, marketing and customer success and promises all candidates continued opportunities for progression and advancement.

4. Hyve

Hyve is a UK-based hosting service offering personalized cloud services for companies looking to embrace the technology and was described as “one to watch” by the Sunday Times. Describing itself as a fast-paced and innovative place to work, Hyve currently employs 1,200 people globally, of which, 72% would recommend it to a friend as a career option.

Opportunities currently exist across tech, accounts, partnerships and marketing.

5. Zymr

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, Zymr is the “born in the cloud” company that will find a bespoke cloud solution for you. Zymr’s London office is currently recruiting for roles across sales, tech and marketing to join its global workforce of 200 people. Although small, Zymr is mighty with annual sales topping $11 million.

For more UK-based cloud opportunities, browse available roles and companies currently recruiting on the Finextra Job Board.


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