Unemployment more complex than Peta Credlin’s ‘job snob’ accusations | South Coast Register

Ms Credlin talked about applying for “lower-level” jobs and quashing one’s pride to accept them, but she gives no consideration to the challenge of actually finding “lower-level” work when you are qualified in another area. Farmers don’t want accountants picking fruit – the job advertisements for these roles ask for existing skills and experience, mechanical aptitude, own transport (have you seen petrol prices?), And physically fit applicants. If 32 per cent of these jobseekers have a disability, this will likely preclude them from this physically demanding work, and if half of the Jobseeker recipients aren’t actually Jobseekers at all, this further reduces the recruitment pool. From the pool that remains, you need to have someone who is within hailing distance of remote locations, or with no family responsibilities at home, physically able (and probably young) etc. And even if you are willing, the hirer has to choose to hire you. If your work history and skill set are not relevant, if you are deemed likely to accept another, more suitable, job as soon as its offered, the hirer is up the creek again. That’s a risk few hirers will accept and the reason why backpackers were so well-suited to the work.

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