Vancouver realtor fired after ripping down Chelsea Poorman posters

Macdonald Realty has fired one of its employees after he was caught on camera ripping down posters of a missing Indigenous woman who was found dead in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighborhood.

Volunteers put up the posters this week. They ask for anyone who saw Chelsea Poorman before her death to come forward. Some volunteers spoke out after they witnessed multiple Shaughnessy residents tear down the posters — with one woman saying, “This ruins the poles” when asked about it.

The realtor in question was photographed from behind taking down a poster and was identified online by supporters looking for answers on Poorman’s death.

On Tuesday evening, his employer, Macdonald Realty, announced he’d been let go.

“Macdonald Realty is known for our long tradition of integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, a member of our organization did not live up to these values, and we therefore moved quickly to ensure that they are no longer with the company,” he said in an Instagram post.

“We continue to be strong allies of marginalized communities, and are proud to be the largest woman-owned and BIPOC-led company in BC.”

Some Instagram users thought the statement wasn’t enough, though. They were disappointed Macdonald Realty did not specify why the employee was let go, and some demanded reparations — particularly because the company makes money selling real estate on unceded land.

On Wednesday, the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club emailed Daily Hive to say the realtor had also been suspended from his leadership duties with the club. The RVYC identified him as Randy Vogel, and said his actions were contradictory to the club’s values.

“The RVYC’s sympathies are with the Poorman family and we do not condone any action that would be considered inappropriate during these circumstances by any of its members, either on or off Club Property.”

Vogel is a Fleet Captain with the club, and was acting chair of the Leukemia Cup. The RVYC’s Discipline Committee will review the case.

Volunteers are busy this week putting up more posters with Poorman’s photo along the Granville corridor, hoping to find answers about her disappearance.

She was last seen in September 2020 and her remains were found nearly two years later outside a vacant home in Shaughnessy this month. Investigators believe she died on the day she disappeared or shortly after.

Police say foul play is not suspected, but her family is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her death.

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