Vietnam is the main agricultural company of the United Kingdom Savings

Hô Chi Minh-Ville (VNA) – Vietnam is one of the main fournisseurs of Asia du Sud-Est of agricultural and aquatic products in Royaume-Uni à la suite de la signature de l’Accord de libre-échange entre le Royaume-Uni et le Vietnam (UKVFTA), at-on appris d’un seminare tenu le 23 juin à Hô Chi Minh-Ville.

The delegations of the seminary. Photo: VNA

S’exprimant lors de l’événement “Marché britannique: Liberer un grand potentiel en tirant parti des avantages de l’UKVFTA”, Oliver Todd, consul géneral britannique à Hô Chi Minh-Ville, a déclaré que le Vietnam pourrait remplacer d’autres pays tels que l’Inde et l’Indonésie en tant que fournisseur majeur de produits agricoles et aquatiques pour son pays.

Todd, who is also the director of commerce and investment of the United Kingdom in Vietnam, indicates that Vietnamese exporters should be prepared to stimulate export exports to a different market. It is important to reconsider the demand for import and the norms and exigencies of export to the British market.

Chris Milliken, vice-president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (BritCham), has declared that there are some opportunities to develop bilateral trade to commercial accord.

Le Vietnam et le Royaume-Uni ne se font concurrence dans aucun sector; ils be completely commercially, at-il observed.

The declaration that the UKVFTA is the main pillar of the commitment to promote bilateral trade, affirming that it is agitated by a mutual agreement to support bilateral trade in the upper level.

The bilateral cooperation will cover the renewable energies, finance, education, high technology, fintech and other sectors, at the bottom.

Le Royaume-Uni has concentrated these last years on the development of renewable energies that lead to aeolian and solar energy in the frame of its efforts to adapt to climate change, at the same time.

He declared that Vietnam should develop the renewable energies, a domain in the royaume-Royaume-Uni dispose of advances.

Le Royaume-Uni has developed an offshore aeolian project in the country, which produces electricity supply for 1.6 million people.

The largest British energy companies invest in solar energy projects in Vietnam as the Shire Oak International Group and in solar energy projects as the Energy and Mainstream Group.

The salutation of Vietnam’s engagement to increase net emissions from 2050 will help to improve the climate change of the COP 26 last year.

Truong Thi Chi Binh, vice-president and general secretary of the Vietnamese Association of Southern Enterprises in the industry, declaring that the two countries have great opportunities for cooperation in the number of domains and specific industries renewable energies.

In Hong Kiet, a responsible customer service at the British Standards Institute (BSI Group), declared that Vietnam has the potential to have a four-year-old food and agricultural products from Royaume-Uni.

Vietnam is the main agricultural enterprise of the United Kingdom, which is also 2Photo illustration: VNA

However, Vietnamese exporters find that they can support partners and meet the standards, quality standards and commercial procedures in Royaume-Uni, as well as the risks of contractions and payments, at the same time.

Nguyen Manh Dat, Adjoint Director of the Institute of Food Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, said that Vietnamese exporters should be able to influence market research to ensure that they produce the best products. competitive on this market.

They dovele également assurer la transparence de leurs produits en developpant des sites Web et en fournissant des informations sur les produits, les lignes de production, la production et les partenaires commerciaux.

The experts have declared that the United Kingdom is the second largest economy in Europe with a free exchange policy and a strong demand for agricultural imports.

Well, the UKVFTA is in a state of disrepair at the moment of a major reason for the Covid-19 pandemic, the two countries are able to realize the $ 6.6 billion bilateral exchange rate, in the last 17 years, 2% by precedent, preceded by the numbers of the Vietnamese countries.

Vietnamese exports to the United Kingdom are estimated at 5.8 billion dollars in 2021, at a rate of more than 16.4%, according to British exports of 849 million dollars, at a rate of 23.6%. .

In the course of the first five months of this year, the commercial exchanges between the two countries paid about 2.68 billion dollars, which is equivalent to the last period of the last year.

In May, 462 direct investment projects in the United Kingdom with a total social capital of 4.15 billion dollars were made in Vietnam, representing 0.97% of the stock of direct investment countries.

The current 120 projects in the manufacturing and transformation sectors with a total investment of about 1.6 billion dollars, in addition to 23 real estate projects of a total value of 1.04 billion dollars.

The signature of the UKVFTA on its date in December 2020 in the British capital London. It will be available on May 1, 2021.

The seminar was organized by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Vietnam and BritCham to help Vietnamese companies meet the British supply chain. – VNA


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