Virginie Bruant and Eliane Tevahitua: disagreement on local employment

The 3rd session of the administrative session began with a session of oral questions. Eliane Tevahitua, representative of the Tavini group addressed the Minister of Labor Virginie Bruant. She asked him where the local employment law was, convincing him that Polynesia was a victim of a new migration phenomenon.

The only oral question of the 3rd session of the administrative session was posed by the independent representative to the assembly, Eliane Tevahitua. A question that on local employment, a topic at the center of population discussions according to her “Polynesians are every day, the helpless witnesses of a migratory phenomenon in the lamp do not stop believing. ”
It is also questioning the progress of the country law promulgated on November 5, 2019 and delayed by the covid which must establish the list of protected professional activities.

To that Virginie Bruant, Minister of Labor, responded by recalling the status of the territory “it is an amalgam of metropolitan French who come to Polynesia this is not about immigration. Like a Polynesian who goes to Metropolis, he is not an immigrant. Polynesia is a French territory, a territory of the Republic. “

Eliane Tevahitua, she, makes her point using figures from the Institute of Statistics. It estimates the number of new metropolitan expatriates in 10 years. The representative, however, counted the departures from Tahiti, including the replacement of civil servants.

The migration balance is turning into a negative reality according to Nicolas Prud’homme, director of the ISPF who states “in Polynesia there are more people leaving than people who arrive, it is less than 1700 people between 2012 and 2017 “.

While the 2022 census figures confirm or confirm this trend, Eliane Tevahitua dismisses accusations of racism and advocates protection of local employment by urging Polynesian students.

The job should be reserved for our children because it is like this that we are going to solve the problems of precedence at the level of families and I think also to the Polynesians who have done their studies in metropolis, to know that he n ‘ and there is nothing waiting for them in the country where they remain in metropolis (…) it is bad in the heart.

For his part, the Minister of Labor ensures that this law on the promotion and protection of local employment is a priority objective. As for immigration, she doesn’t want to delay and consider that “it is racism (…) and it has no place in the assembly“.

The law should come into force at the end of the year but before that a series of arrests must be made by the council of ministers.

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