What is depression and what are its symptoms: Here’s an explanation

People don’t consider the fact that depression can be a real problem and not just a phase that heals by itself and with time. Sometimes things can really go out of hand and cause serious problems that can last for a really long period of time. We should acknowledge this and help out someone facing the issue cause once when into depression it’s really hard to get out and heal.

What is depression?

Depression or major depressive disorder is one of the most common as well as serious medical illnesses. Feelings or the way to act or respond to a situation are majorly affected by it. A loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed and a flow of sad emotions are caused by the conditions it causes a tremendous effect on how someone feels, thinks or behaves and can also lead to a variety of physical or mental disorders. One may also have trouble performing normal day-to-day activities and sometimes may feel as if life isn’t worth living.


1) A sudden feeling of sadness, tearfulness and emptiness with hopeless behavior is always seen as the first and major symptom.

2) Getting irritated angry and frustrated over small issues is seen in people.

3) A loss of interest in all the activities that were once enjoyed can be seen.

4) Tiredness and loss of sleep can also be symptoms of depression. Even a very small task takes a lot of effort and causes insomnia and sleeping disturbance.

5) Anxiety restlessness trouble in thinking not being able to make proper decisions a feeling of hopelessness in every situation.


Some common causes of depression:-

Genetics- sometimes can be genetically transferred.

Life events- this is one of the most common causes of depression. Stress at work or in life unsettling trauma and events can cause depression.

Medical condition- this is also a very common cause of depression many times an ongoing illness can cause stress leading to depression.

Personality- people who have trouble coping with others and who are isolated by others can also be affected by it.


Depression may be serious but is treatable, some common treatments include-

1) Self-help- one of the best treatments for depression is self-help. Regular exercise and meditation can help cure depression to a great extent. Spending time with people who genuinely make you happy, and trying to do activities that cause relief in stress is by far the best treatment for this.

2) Counselling- talking with a mental health professional and discussing with them the causes can also help overcome it. Sometimes counseling sessions or brief therapy can help you overcome all of the stress.

3) Alternative medicine- sometimes people with mild depressive conditions can overcome it by other treatments like massage acupuncture or hypnosis.

4) Medication- sometimes people develop some conditions that they need to rely on medicines or antidepressants.

Depression is very common and affects a lot of people every year. Sometimes it is unknown or hidden and sometimes the symptoms are also not visible. The good part about it is that it is treatable and can be overcome with little effort. The sooner you identify it, the sooner you can treat it.


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