What is Sales Hacking and how to boost your sales

What is that of Sales Hacking? Can you get leads thanks to Sales Hacking? The process to follow to capture a potential contact (lead) and turn it into a customer must be structured and, above all, must be profitable. And sometimes it is expensive, but there is a new methodology in which with very little investment you can get brilliant results. Do you want to know it?

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For a company, if it is a startup, hiring sales staff can be catastrophic and directly affect their survival. “Sales” is an essential part of an organization that you need to pay close attention to as it is responsible for turn leads into customers to generate revenue.

In this sense, the big question that is asked in all companies is:

“Is there a method that allows you to sell more in less time and above all, using very few resources?”

The answer is YES.

“He Sales Hacking it allows us, for example, to put the generation of leads in autopilot. “The more leads you have, the more sales opportunities you can generate.”

Growth Hacking is the discipline that covers this technique. Do you want to know more? See our article: What is Growth Hacking.

What is Sales Hacking?

Sales Hacking is a set of techniques, methods, tricks and strategies of Growth Hacking that speed up the productivity and efficiency of sales allowing you to get more leads and sell more, in less time, investing very little money. We could say that this is it Growth Hacking applied to sales.

Get a large number of potential leads with little money.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have implemented an effective sales model before implementing Sales Hacking techniques. This is the work of the Growth Hacker, an essential figure within companies and who should be able to increase sales.

He also knows the figure of the CGO, an indispensable professional in Growth Hacking.

You can’t afford to make a massive lead and they’re useless because they don’t correspond to the customer you want to reach, you don’t know what to offer or how to sell your product. If so, all your efforts will have been in vain and you will have wasted time and money.

Implementation of Sales Hacking

If you answer the following questions, you’re ready to speed up your lead acquisition process:

  • Do you know where your ideal potential customers are?
  • How do you rate them?
  • Do you have reliable sources where to find qualified leads?

If you are not able to answer these three questions, you are not ready yet. Before generating more leads it is better to focus all your resources on learning and exploring about your potential customer. Then, you will be able to answer the above questions and you will have a repetitive and scalable sales process to get to work in autopilot mode and dedicate your efforts to other tasks.

Everything ready to “hack sales”

Now that you know what your potential customer’s profile is and where to find it, it’s time to automate to get their contact details, specifically their email. The next step will be to send you a first email.

Be very careful with sending the first email. For this first contact to be effective I recommend that the email be:

  • Short, clear and concise, do not overwrite text, do not include bold or underline, and above all do not use a “publicity” tone.
  • As personalized as possible, offer what you need, adapt the communication to that particular customer.
  • Only with your signature, do not include logos. A trick that Oscar Macía gave us is to place in the signature “Sent from my mobile” with this you will give the feeling of being closer.
  • It sends emails one by one, without using mailchimp or similar platforms, otherwise it will almost certainly end up in the spam bin. If a lead shows interest, you can already include it in an automated email chain with personalized content to begin a process of lead maturation or lead nurturing.
  • The email must be responsive, remember that many people read their emails from their mobile and you must capture their interest. If it is not responsive it will probably close without reading and will not reopen.

Another consideration that you should keep in mind in this first submission is the Law on Information Society Services and Email (LSSI), which prevents the sending of an email if the sending of communications has not been previously accepted. In this case, it is very important that in this first email you offer content that adds a lot of value, that arouses the interest of the recipient and that is nothing advertising.

According to market statistics, internationally a sale needs between 5 and 12 attempts on average to generate a sale but in reality according to some experts it is advisable to make 2-6 attempts.

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Get leads with Sales Hacking

You can do this in several ways. For example by hiring someone Researcher or outsourcing the service to perform scanning work on websites, directories or LinkedIn in order to obtain contact details. Focus on getting basic information such as first name, last name and company. Once you have this data, by using tools, you must obtain their email addresses.

Another way, much faster, is by using techniques web scraping, which are nothing more than software programs that extract information from websites. This technique does is translate the information you have on screen into data, transcribe it into a document and with the program automatically search for the domain of the company, and from there you can get the rest of the information.

To perform the web scraping technique you can use tools such as:

  • Kimonolabs: This tool allows you to take data from a website and turn it into an API. It is simple to use and has a fremium model.
  • Import.io: It is a very easy to use tool, it is used for data extraction, in addition, it is free.
  • Findthatlead. It is a plugin that is installed on Crome that finds the emails of anyone who has a profile on LinkedIn. It has a Free plan and 3 additional plans depending on your needs.

If you are interested in delving into Growth Hacking tools, consult this webinar whenever you want:

In conclusion, the Sales Hacking process must go through the following steps:

  • Segmentation: Determine who the potential customer is.
  • Location: Detect where the potential customer is.
  • Compilation: Obtain customer data.
  • Contact: Sending emails.
  • Lead database: If the customer is interested, include it in the lead database. If you are not interested go to discard.
  • Sales: Leads move on to the sales process.

In this article we have introduced the concept of Sales Hacking and we have applied it to lead capture. There are different techniques, methods or shortcuts for each stage of the sales funnel. But what works very well for one company does not mean that it works for another. In addition, we recommend that you consult the Growth Hacking Trends to stay up to date and take advantage of any opportunity that arises in the market.

You have to test, measure and analyze repeatedly until you find the right key. If you want to delve into the techniques of Sales Hacking you can do it in our Postgraduate in Growth Hacking Do you dare to hack your sales?

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