Wittenberg selected to participate in career innovation institute

“This institute will be a powerful tool to ensure Wittenberg’s liberal arts education continues to equip students for lifelong impact in their career fields,” Duraj said. “This work will enhance our efforts in career and vocation preparation to focus deeper on campus-industry partnerships, and is exciting for our students, alumni, and faculty.”


The Institute’s approach to innovation focuses on design thinking, broad and inclusive interdisciplinary perspectives, collaboration across stakeholders, and systemic commitments to equity that prepare students for various career paths.

“The overwhelmingly positive response to the Curriculum-to-Career Innovations Institute signals a great desire among campuses to do more than simply heed calls for career preparation. Our aim with this institute is to find the sweet spot between higher education’s ability to meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce and the desire of each campus to supply that career preparation in a meaningful way that is authentic to its mission and context,” said Ashley Finley, AAC&U Vice President for Research and co-director of the Institute.

To learn more, visit www.aacu.org/event/2022-cci-institute.

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