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The World Forum on Circular Economy 2022 (FMEC2022) presents some of the best solutions for circular economy in the world. It offers the occupation of African businesses and the opportunities to offer new opportunities and to create a competitive advantage in the transition from economies to fabulous carbon emissions and resilience to climate change. The company conductors, the decision makers and the world experts are present. The first forum is in 2017.

Placed on the theme “From Africa to the World”, the event will take place in a hybrid format and the retransmission works live on the screens of the best countries in the African country, with a great interest in the forum. This format allows participants to take part, at a distance, in discussions on models and examples of local circular economy.

«Doté de la population la plus jeune du monde, le continent africain peut jouer un role crucial dans la transition mondiale vers la circularité. Le Rwanda is on the occasion of the World Cup of the 2022 Circular Economy, dismantling its leadership and the commitment of Africa to this plan “, declared by the Minister of the Environment of Rwanda, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya .

Le Rwanda is a member of the Alliance of Africa for the circulating economy and in support of co-existence. The Rwandan government, the African Alliance for Circular Economy (ACEA), the African Réseau for circular economy (ACEN) and the funds for Finnish innovation Sitra, organized conjointement of the event with international partners.

Les pays du Sud devraient subir les effets les plus devastateurs du changement climatque de de perte de biodiversité en raison du paradigme «extraire, fabriquer, jeter», particulièrement vrai en Afrique.

In the same time, the continent has natural resources and a young population, dynamic and entrepreneurial. In this regard, he considers that he is motivated to play a role of a prime plan in the mission of the circular economy model and in the construction of a large resilience to traverse the world, and that it has the capacity.

«Africa, a continent in full croissant, plays a role in the promotion of circulation. The FMEC2022 is an ideal platform for presenting circular solutions that support the climate of Paris and the objects of development of the peoples of the United Nations. The African Development Bank, in collaboration with its partners, the Finnish government and the Nordic Development Funds, and the review of the African Facility chain for the circulating economy in support of this transformation in the Agenda 2063 », Declared Dr. Kevin Kariuki, Vice President of Electricity, Energy, the Climate Change and the Crown of Green at the African Development Bank.

The President of Sitra, Jyrki Katainen, said: “As soon as a recent study of Sitra, the measures of circulating economy can reach a term of global biodiversity and help restore it. Circulation is non-existent for the purpose of continuing to exploit the effects of materials, but also to increase the pressure exerted on the extraction of natural resources. »

A technician repairing a portable phone in Tanzania. Africa is interested in playing a prime role plan in the world in a model of circular economy model.


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